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Tracy M. Centanni

tracy centanni
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas, 2013 Cognition and Neural Science
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Research Interests

The Centanni Lab studies auditory perception (with a focus on language), genetic influences in communication disorders, and neural plasticity during learning and intervention. The main goal of this work is to identify the biological mechanisms of communication impairments so that more effective interventions can be implemented. To unpack the genetic heterogeneity of language and reading, we use rats as a model to investigate the link between certain genes and auditory perception and plasticity. We then bring in human participants to test these results and evaluate new methods of driving plasticity during language and reading interventions. The lab uses a combination of animal behavior, microelectrode recording techniques, human behavioral testing, non-invasive auricular vagus nerve stimulation, human imaging (EEG and tDCS), and genetic testing.

For more information on my research and for information on how to join us, please visit the lab webpage at or visit my Google Scholar Page.