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Charles G. Lord

Graduate Director and Professor Direct: 817.257.7410
Ph.D. Stanford University
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Research Interests

Taylor, C. A., Lord, C. G., Morin, A. L., Brady, S. E., Yoke, K., & Lu, T. (2014). Individual differences in preference for epistemic vs. teleologic tactics of deliberate self-persuasion. Psychological Assessment, 26, 177-194.

Brady, S. E., & Lord, C. G. (2013). When liars fool themselves: Motive to impress alters memory for one’s own evaluative actions. Social Cognition, 31, 599-612.

Frye, G. D. J., Brady, S. E., & Lord, C. G. (2012). Attitude change following imagined positive actions toward a social group: Do memories change attitudes or do attitudes change memories? Social Cogntion, 30, 307-322.

Paulson, R. M., Lord, C. G., Taylor, C. A., Brady, S. E., McIntyre, R. B., & Fuller, Eric W.  (2012). A matching hypothesis for the activity level of actions involved in attitude-behavior consistency. Social Psychology and Personality Science, 3, 40-47.

Teaching and Service Responsibilities

Teaching Responsibilities: Senior Seminar in Psychology, Social Psychology, Experimental Design

Service Responsibilities: Graduate Director