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Anna Petursdottir

anna petursdottir_2019
Associate Professor and Chair Direct: 817.257.6412
Ph.D. Western Michigan University Psychology MA Western Michigan University Psychology BA University of Iceland Psychology
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Research Interests

My lab does applied and translational research in behavior analysis. On the applied side, we are interested in strategies for promoting language and social skills acquisition by children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. For example, we have evaluated interventions to increase vocal play, accelerate word-learning, and increase variability in choice of conversation topics. On the more basic side, we are interested in typically developing children’s language acquisition and learning how basic research and theory in this area may translate into efficient language intervention strategies. In this work, we draw upon B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior and recent extensions of it, as well as upon basic and applied research on derived stimulus relations.

Teaching and Service Responsibilities

Teaching Responsibilities: My regular course rotation consists of Applied Behavior Analysis, Fundamentals of Learning, and Behavior Disorders of Childhood. I teach Behavioral Research occasionally, and I have taught occasional graduate courses and seminars on learning and college teaching.

Service Responsibilities: My current major service responsibilities consist of serving on the Health Professions Advisory Committee and as the 2015-2016 chair of the TCU Institutional Review Board.