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Graduate Quantitative Psychology Minor

Quantitative Psychology Graduate Minor

The minor in quantitative psychology provides graduate students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in experimental psychology advanced training in the application of psychometric, methodological and state-of-the-art statistical procedures. It equips graduate students with quantitative methods that will improve the quality of research in their substantive areas while providing the statistical credentials that facilitate favorable placements in academic and non-academic positions upon graduation. The Graduate Quantitative Psychology minor (GQPM) is also open to graduate students from other programs and departments.



Students in pursuit of the minor are required to complete two core and three elective courses with a 3.0 GPA, grade of “B” or higher.


Required Courses (6 hours):

PSYC 50523: Experimental Design

PSYC 60623: Regression Analysis


Elective Courses (9 hours):

PSYC 50213: Interactive Data Analysis

PSYC 60633: Generalized Linear Models

PSYC 60643: Structural Equation Models

PSYC 60653: Multilevel/Hierarchical Models

PSYC 60673: Advanced Structural Equation Modeling

PSYC 60743: Longitudinal Data Analysis


Admission Requirements

Students will have achieved a master’s degree in their respective programs before applying for the Graduate Quantitative Psychology Minor (GQPM.) For students who enter the program with a master’s degree or have taken comparable courses elsewhere, the minor requirements can be modified at the discretion of the psychology faculty.


The courses required for the GQPM are intended to supplement, rather than compete with, students’ training in substantive areas of research. Therefore, the GQPM requires only 15 credits of statistics coursework. Six credits are earned by successful completion of the two required courses in the quantitative psychology sequence (PSYC 50523/60623), which graduate students in the Department of Psychology usually complete within the initial two years in the program. Students must successfully complete three additional courses (9 credits) beyond the two required for the graduate program, which may also count as departmental electives.


Graduation Requirements

Completion of the GQPM requires a minimum of 15 credit hours with no grade below a “B.” A course with a grade below a “B” can be retaken only once. More than two “C” or lower grades in different courses automatically dismiss the student from this minor.

Students declare their intention by completing a “form for the proposed minor,” which is given to the graduate director to be kept on file. Upon completion of the proposed coursework, the “form for the request to certify completion of the minor” is completed with the indicated signatures, and this form goes to the psychology graduate director.

GQPM plan of study form

GQPM completion form