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Child Development Minor

Minor in Child Development (CHDV)
18 hours
BIO 10003 Contemporary Issues in Biology (SOWO 30843)
MATH 10043 Elementary Statistics (PSYC 30503)
PSYC 10213 General Psychology Or
PSYC 10514 Principles of Behavior I Or
PSYC 10524 Principles of Behavior II (PSYC courses)
PSYC 30503 Behavioral Research (PSYC 30473)
SOCI 20213 Introductory Sociology
SOWO 10833 Introduction to Social Work (SOWO 30843)

CHDV 50533 Case Studies in Child Development

No more than 2 from one department
CHDV 25053 Child in Global Community
CHDV 35053 Professional Development
CHDV 40263 Child Development Internship
CHDV 50433 Vulnerable Child I: Theory
CHDV 50443 Vulnerable Child II: Practice
COSD 10303 Survey of Communication Disorders
COSD 10343 Basic Sign Language
COSD 20333 Phonetics
COSD 30333 Language Development in Children
COSD 30343 Aural Rehab
COSD 50323 Counseling Special Populations & Families
CRJU 30453 Juvenile Justice
CRJU/SOCI 30913 Social Psychology of Crime
EDEC 30103 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EDUC 30143** Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 50143** Theories of Human Development
(Note: **Students may not take both EDUC 30143 and EDUC 50143).
FNRT 20903 Children and the Fine Arts
NTDT 30113 Infant and Child Nutrition
NURS 10303 Human Development
PSYC 30313 Development Psychology
PSYC 30323 Child Psychology
PSYC 30363 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 30483 Human Neuropsychology
PSYC 30473 Comparative Psychology
PSYC 30623 Family and Child Adjustment
PSYC 30633 Social and Emotional Development
PSYC 40443 Child Development in a Cultural Context
PSYC 40433 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSYC 40463 Applied Behavioral Analysis
PSYC 50563 Developmental Psychology
SOCI 30303 Marriage and Family
SOCI/CRJU 40463 Juvenile Delinquency
SOWO 30573 Child Welfare
SOWO 30843 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
Independent Studies (CHDV, COSD, EDUC, PSYC, SOWO, SOCI, or CRJU)
*A maximum of six hours of independent study may count towards the major requirements.
Special Topics/Problems (CHDV, COSD, EDUC, PSYC, SOWO, SOCI, or CRJU)

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