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Current Undergraduate Students

The Department of Psychology coordinates majors in psychology, child development, and neuroscience (Prospective Students) and minors in psychology, and child development. This page intends to provide resources for students who are currently working toward a degree in any of these disciplines. Additional information can be found in other pages within our web site.

Graduate degrees include the Ph.D. in experimental psychology and the MS in developmental trauma. Students also have the option of pursuing a quantitative minor in psychology as part of their advanced degree. Students who complete the program go on to postdoctoral positions with top researchers and productive careers in academia, research, and the private sector.

The department has affiliations with the world-renowned Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (KPICD), and the Institute of Behavioral Research (IBR), focused on tackling drug abuse and related public health issues. Faculty in the department are internationally recognized and active members of their respective scientific communities. Their research is frequently funded through government and private agencies.


Welcome to the Department of Psychology – we look forward to meeting you!


Advisor for psychology majors with less than 60 credit hours: Dr. David Weise (

Advisor for psychology majors with more than 60 credit hours: Dr. Gregory Repasky (

Advisor for child development: Dr. Casey Call (

Advisors for neuroscience: Drs. Anna Petursdottir ( and Brent Cooper (