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DRB Forms

Departmental review board (DRB)

All faculty and student research involving human participants must be reported to and approved by the TCU Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Departmental Review Board (DRB) in the Department of Psychology reviews student research proposals and makes recommendations to the TCU IRB about whether the research should be approved. Policies and procedures for the DRB are the same as those of the TCU IRB. Faculty research with human participants or grant proposals that include human participants needs to be submitted directly to the TCU IRB and should not be submitted to the DRB. All investigators, both students and faculty, must show evidence that they have had training on research with human participants. This training should be updated every five years. On-line training is available here.

The process is as follows:

  • A student completes a TCU IRB application and a cover sheet. All application materials (including applications for review, renewal, and amendments) are the same as those used by the TCU IRB and can be found here.

Once the application is complete, the student researcher must submit the completed application and cover sheets to Cindy Hayes, in the Department of Psychology main office. These forms can be found at:

  • Members of the DRB review the proposals using the criteria outlined by the TCU IRB and make recommendations to the IRB about whether to approve the project.
  • The student researcher receives feedback about changes that must be made to be in compliance with IRB requirements or receives an approval number. Once approval is granted it lasts one year.

Any questions about procedures or policies can be directed to:

Dr. Sarah Hill
Chair, DRB